Bib Jewelry FAQ

Q: Where do you ship to?
A: We ship worldwide via airmail with a tracking number. To most countries we ship to, your postage includes up to $50 USD parcel lost insurance. For more info please visit: shipping and returns.

Q: Can you gift wrap my order? 
A:  Yes of course! All of our orders are carefully hand wrapped in crafty gift wrap paper, therefore it will come perfect to give as a gift. If you would like us to include a message within your parcel, simply email us with your order number to let us know and we’ll take care of it :)

Q: Why is there no tax at check out?
A: Our products are shipped from a duty free port and therefore no tax should be collected. However, you may be subjected to your own country's tax / duty at customs if your parcel exceeds a certain amount. You will be responsible for these taxes/duties should your country decide to collect.

Q: Will my parcel be secure?
A: Definitely.
Whether you choose to ship with a bubble padded envelop or a gift box, each precious piece of jewelry is carefully hand wrapped within a few layers of bubble wrap before they are placed in either a bubble padded envelop or in a box. In our experience, almost all of our packets ( both bubble padded envelop and gift box ) arrive to our customers safe and sound. But in rare cases if a packet experiences trauma in transit, a gift boxed packet should ensure better protection and peace of mind for your precious piece. 

Q: What is the anti-tarnishing cloth mentioned in my invoice?
A: We include a complimentary anti-tarnishing cloth in your packet for all orders above $20 USD. Our anti-tarnishing secret recipe is infused in this cloth so that you can keep your jewelry clean and vibrant for a long time.

Q: Is your jewelry hypoallergenic ?
A: Yes. All our products are nickel and lead free hypoallergenic.

Q: How do you keep you price points so low?
A: Jewelry mark-ups can be up to 100 times. We believe every girl deserves a closet full of jewelry without breaking the bank. We mark up just a little per piece and source our products directly from the factories. We are only able to purchase at a bargained price via bulk purchases and therefore we need your help to spread the news about us so that we can continue to bring you the lowest priced products and the greatest selections :)

Q: Do you work with organizations, groups, bloggers etc?
A: Yes we do. We love spreading our love in helping others. Whether you are a charity, organization looking for a group discount or a blogger looking to build up your portfolio, we are here to help. Simply send us an email with the details and we will make sure to do anything we can within our budget.

Q: Do you provide student discounts?
A: If you are a college or university group / school that is looking for discounts for your members, please contact us with your school / group info. We can send over an exclusive coupon code for your members.

Q: Do you host trunk shows?
A: You are welcome to host a trunk show with us, please contact us about the number of pieces you would like to showcase and our wholesale team will get back to you shortly.

Q: Do you have brand reps?
A: Currently we don't but we are looking into it in the near future. If you would like to join our team, please do email us. We will put you on the list and make sure to email you once the details are up.

Q: What is "MC" on a product name?
A: "MC" stands for "Multi Color". It means there's more color options for that product.

Q: How come I can't track my parcel?
A: Please allow around 7 business days before your parcel is updated onto your country's post office system. Depending on the destination country, your parcel will not be listed on the website until they arrive at your country's facility.